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5 Ways to Ensure a Happy Canine "Office Mate"


January 2019

I was asked about some basic approaches when raising a puppy who will be a future "office mate" to those who work from home.  Knowing I have 3 (plus board and trains) I offered some tips.  Being in the same article with the likes of author and noted behaviorist Emma Grigg was an honor.

Teaching Love


December 2017

I partnered with The Arrow Fund to complete a project where we combined basic dog training skills along with focusing on compassion and awareness to residents of the Clark County Youth Shelter.  Having worked with youth in crisis as both a police officer and Safe Place Coordinator, this was a very personal and rewarding project.

Hiking With Your Dog


July 2015

I was asked to write a blog post for Camping With Dogs regarding hiking off leash with your dog.  Camping With Dogs is a great site and followers share some of the most amazing pictures of adventures with their dogs.  They have great gear also!