Testimonials & Media



“John puts the wow in Bow-wow!  Words cannot express my gratitude to John and Top Dog Training.  John’s knowledgable, caring and good-natured approach makes training your puppy (of any age) a joy.  John began working with us, and our sweet puppy Rebel when she was just a few months old.  From house training to basic manners, he patiently developed Rebel into the perfect puppy.  We continue to use John as Rebel grows.  His tips and techniques help us be good dog parents through the stages of Rebel’s life.  He is a great consult on behavior, health and attitude- for both puppies and parents.  Do the best thing for your dog and family; work with John at Top Dog Training!



“John has been excellent in helping me to understand how my own behavior and excitement affects the progress with training my dog.  John’s training methods are the right balance between positive reinforcement and sternness!  I am looking forward to continued training and developing a great relationship with my 70lb baby girl.”

Roxy & Jake


“I was fortunate enough to have John train both my dogs and me!  Jake and Roxie waited for chance to race past me when opening the door or outside gate.  On more than one occasion they were successful and my anxiety about their ability to ‘escape’ was out the roof.  With John’s knowledge and training skills (not to mention his unflappable personality), the dogs learned how to wait at the gate and door (including the car door) for an invitation to pass through among other things.  I learned how to be more consistent in managing their behavior.”



“Training Riggins with Top Dog Training was fantastic!  Not only did it teach Riggins what to expect and good behavior, but helped me know what to anticipate with a very driven dog!  My oldest son and I have been working with him since training has ended and Riggins has been good on walks and listening to my boys.  I even got praises from the flower delivery man on how well he behaved.  John made a big difference on how to focus Riggins!!! Thank you!!!”



“Our dog’s leash aggression issues were making our everyday life miserable.  We had tried video trainer methods, worked with another trainer from months, used an electric collar and nothing worked.  After coming home from walks in tears over and over, we finally decided to call John.

John tailored the two week program to fit the needs of our dog and the goals we had as a family.  Once the two weeks of training were up, we scheduled multiple one-on-one training sessions with John and our family.  I think these sessions are what sets John apart from everyone else.  Basil learned all of the tools needed to succeed during the two weeks but it was the one-on-one sessions that really helped put all of the pieces together.

Six months after we approached John, we feel like we have made huge progress and are so proud of Basil and ourselves for being able to achieve our goals.  We came to John with Basil wearing her electric collar for the most basic of walks and now are able to pass other dogs with only a flat collar on!  I am so thankful to John for helping my family find order and peace.”